Google Marketing Platform is an advanced ad technology stack from Google. It is one of the leading display ad serving tools, ad tracking instruments, managing paid search solutions in the programmatic ecosystem. All GMP products are integrated with each other and provide the opportunity to receive a unified analysis of user behavior, improving the effectiveness of channels and devices.


Google Marketing Platform facilitates reaching the right audience with the right message at the right time. Advertisers can achieve a competitive advantage in digital advertising due to access to the latest technologies allowing to receive all the complex analytics in real-time.

Advanced Google Marketing Platform solutions provided by Admixer team can be tailored specifically to the business goals of the advertiser. Admixer team can provide a solution that meets any marketing need by using flexible and transparent service models. Such solutions aim to help advertisers achieve best results.



Google Marketing Platform is a set of the best advertising technologies from Google which allows:

perform media campaigns of any complexity

track and analyze media campaigns

optimize paid search

provide centralized programmatic purchases & control

Customers can use a single tool to solve many tasks without loss of quality and data. GMP provides results in real time, thus allowing to build a comprehensive perception of cmapaigns’ performance and results. This is especially important when one needs to make rapid decisions based on data.


“GMP - is an integrated platform, that unifies a number of advertising and analytical tools. It can solve not only tactical tasks but also strategical ones. Automation of many processes that the platform takes upon ...  itself, allows focussing more on analyzing the audience and achieving the client’s business objectives. Also, one common interface simplifies the interaction between different teams.”Show more >>
“Google Marketing Platform is an ecosystem that solves a full range of objectives for our clients. It allows everything from simple tracking of ad impressions to delivering campaigns with the creative dynamic ...  optimization. But the main advantage of the system is that there is a possibility to manage different kinds of audiences. There is no equal rival of GMP in Ukraine within this scope.”Show more >>
“Google Marketing Platform allows us to unify advertising activities from different channels within one platform. That provides lots of opportunities for automating, analyzing, optimizing, and improving the performance of ...  ad campaigns. Also collecting data within one platform enables us to see the full picture of our marketing activities and based on it make the right decisions for achieving the business goals of our clients.” Show more >>
“Marketing activity brings best results only under two conditions. Firstly, the single brand story should be told across multiple chosen channels of communication. Secondly, the results of marketing activity should be ...  analyzed and further optimized in real-time. For a long time, the combination of multichannel campaigns with offline media was a dream for marketers. But Google Marketing Platform made this dream come true. Incorporating GMP products, with proven special targetings efficacy, and possibilities of Analytics 360 into a single platform, enables our team to analyze data of the campaigns faster and deeper, find more well-aimed insights for targeting optimization and create brand content for integrated ad campaigns.”Show more >>
“We have been working with GMP platform since 2018. Through all this time we and our clients have been made sure of the usefulness and efficiency of its tools and instruments. Special thanks to Admixer team ...  for high-quality support. Everything is so convenient, logical, fast and clear!”Show more >>
“Through close cooperation with Admixer the UM Ukraine has learned about the advanced advertising technology system - Google Marketing Platform. By using this platform experts from UM have extended ...  their capabilities in analytics. GMP products have proved their efficiency and shown great results in practice. Our agency is fully satisfied with the results of using GMP and we are planning to use this platform in the future.”Show more >>